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Weight loss and fitness camps for sustainable change


HealthSmart Fitness & Weight loss HolidaysHealthSmart camps are the first fitness retreat and weight loss holidays in the Republic of Ireland.  Our holistic approach offers you the chance to kick start a healthy new life style in a fun and luxurious environment, by focusing on exercise, nutrition, mindset and long term support.  HealthSmart was created  to help combat the growing levels of overweight and obese adults and children in Ireland.  Currently 61% of adults and approx. 22% of 5-12yr olds are considered overweight or obese in our country.

We focus not only on your physical appearance but also your psychological and nutritional needs which we believe are crucial to help you achieve your optimal health and to live a balanced lifestyle.

Our team of experts, which include world class personal trainers, dieticians and cognitive behavioural therapists, will educate and empower you with the knowledge of health, fitness and nutritional behaviour & balance.  This knowledge will ensure you continue the journey to a healthier you once you return home, in tandem with our long term support.

So if you’re ready to change your appearance, conquer your peak fitness levels, improve mindset and lifestyle forever then let’s GET STARTED

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So what’s involved?

You choose to kick start your healthy new life with a HealthSmart weekend or 7 day holiday which includes:

  • A unique world class range of fun & challenging activities and exercise session
  • A nutrition programme with a practical and realistic approach (for the duration of the camp and when you get home)
  • A mindset programme which includes cognitive behaviour therapy & neuro-linguistic classes (part of Weightloss Camp)
  • Delicious nutritious meals and snacks devised by our Dietician & Sports Nutritionists
  • Comfort style accommodation in stunning & motivating locations
  • Starter Kit with personalised food diary analysis, neuro-linguistic CD

Average weight loss on week long residential camps globally is between a half stone and one stone- however with our long term support, you can achieve any weight loss targets you have.

Healthsmart Make Friends

The HealthSmart team understand that starting /changing your journey to a healthier you can sometimes be the hardest part of the process but once you get on a roll and put in place some effective strategies, it becomes easier to gain momentum and see the results.

Lifestyle changes come over time, a steady turn of habits. The trends, fads, diets, and excitement of the latest new idea fade quickly and are not user friendly for long term results.

Our approach is different… we not only take into account your diet and fitness levels but we look at how you think, your thought processes when it comes to food and exercise, to help you understand why you might be struggling to achieve your goals and maintain them as part of your daily lifestyle.

Getting healthy doesn’t always mean having to overhaul your entire lifestyle. Just a couple of key behavioural tweaks can have a domino effect on your other health-related habits, with lasting benefits.