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Weight loss and fitness camps for sustainable change


Who comes to a Healthsmart Camp?

Women and men of all ages and fitness levels come for a variety of reasons to improve their fitness, to lose weight, change their relationship with food or simply just to get away from the daily hustle & bustle and challenge themselves. Whatever your reason for wanting to kick start a healthy new lifestyle, we will ensure that you achieve the most out of your experience.

We run run a Weight Loss & Detox Camp and a Peak Fitness Camp

We are hosting specialised camps including Type 2 Diabetes camps, Parent & Youth, Women only, Men only, and High BMI camps.

We also have bespoke groups that come for a weekend away, such as corporate team building or even a hen party with a difference.

Am I fit enough?

Men and women of all ages, shapes, experience, and fitness levels will achieve great results. You will be asked to complete a pre-screening questionnaire so that we can determine your fitness levels and medical history.

Everyone will exercise at a pace suitable for their abilities, and you will receive plenty of motivation and support from the staff and other campers alike to help you achieve YOUR personal goals.

What is included in your Healthsmart Package?

Shared accommodation (single also available for supplement), all meals & snacks, nutrition and psychology classes, all fitness activities.

As part of the Weight Loss Camp you will receive a full body composition analysis, food diary review, nutritional starter pack and Neuro-linguistic CD.

What type of activities will we do?

Each day’s activities will vary to keep the fitness fun and interesting. Most of our exercises are designed to burn body fat and tone muscle. Here is a list of some exercises you can expect on our Weight Loss Camp (venue dependent): circuit training,  spin classes, pace walking, kettlebells, resistance bands and ropes, core strength toning, beach runs, swimming, aqua aerobics, boot camp style challenges, and abdominal sessions to name but a few!  Our goal is to have as many activities in the open air as possible but some sessions will be indoors.

What results should I expect?

The amount of weight you lose will be dependent on your size, gender and exercise regime, and the diet plan suggested will be tailored to your individual needs.  You will tone your body,  drop body fat and gain a more positive attitude towards weight loss and nutrition which will stay with you long after the camp.  Our excellent exercise plans combined with your nutritional plan will mean inch loss too.

We encourage everyone to state their goals, whether it be to drop dress sizes, or fit into your favourite jeans, or look your best for your wedding day, or simply start a healthier life, and we will endeavour to help you achieve them, no matter how long it takes. Everyone has an individual full body composition analysis at the beginning and we repeat the same assessments at the end to show you all the improvements you have made over the 5 day or 7 day stay (just one measurement on weekends).  Our long term support programme means we will stay in touch with you and see you regularly so that even the most ambitious goals will be achieved with the right level of commitment.

We do not intend to starve people and exercise them into the ground, which will result in people going home having lost loads of weight but putting it straight back on within days/weeks.  Whats the point in that?  We intend to teach you how to loose weight long term, with a sustainable and balanced approach.


What is the accommodation like?

Our Weight Loss Camp  accommodation is budget style shared/single rooms with enquite bathrooms, or self catering style houses. Venues have been carefully chosen with your comfort in mind. We choose venues in beautiful rural locations to ensure that after a hard day’s training you can relax in comfortable surrounds.

If I book a twin room, who do I share with?

The majority of our clients share with fellow guests whom they have not met before, and many form good friendships during the week or weekend.

On our Weightloss Camp we also offer private rooms for those who prefer their own space for an additional supplement price, or if you travel with a friend, you can choose to share together.

Single rooms are available on request and at a supplementary cost.


What do I need to bring?

When you book you will be sent a suggested kit list of everything you require. We provide all the exercise equipment.

What will I have to eat whilst on Camp?

3 nutritious and delicious meals, with healthy tasty snacks throughout the day and, of course plenty of fluids. The menu is carefully designed by our dietician and will incorporate enough amounts of starchy type foods, in delicious recipes, and full of long lasting energy, so you should not feel hungry.

There will be different categories of portions for participants, depending on their needs.

Should I inform Healthsmart if I have any injuries, illness or allergies?

Yes, you should inform us of any conditions that you may have when you fill out your pre-screening form prior to your arrival at your HealthSmart holiday. This will allow us to adapt your training program and menu to suit your individual requirements.

We may also require a letter from your doctor/GP to say that you are fit and well enough to attend our HealthSmart camp.

How do I book?

To book please click here and choose the course, date and room type that suits you.

What is the payment policy?

You can pay in full online. Or a 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking with the remainder payable 6 weeks before your stay  commences.

What payment method do you accept?

If you don’t want to pay online, we can accept payment by cheque or bank transfer.

What is the cancellation policy?

With more than 21 day notice a guest may reschedule their camp date to another date provided the holiday rate is the same for the new dates. (Must reschedule within 6 months of initial date)

A guest may cancel their reservation with more than 14 day notice and receive a 50% refund of deposit amount

Any no shows, early departures and/or cancellations that are less than 14 days from the holiday  start date will not be provided a refund for camps fees.