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Personal Training

Due to increased demand from our camp participants, we’re delighted to introduce ‘HealthSmart Personal’, our innovative personal training service which is tailored to your individual needs both before and after camp.

For the initial consultation and training session we will discuss your diet, review your current level of activity and go through your goals and how we plan to reach them.  We will then take some measurements (optional of course!) and then assess your strengths and weaknesses from some fundamental movements which will be key to your success.HealthSmart 1 on 1 Training

You will get an understanding about how to reach your health and exercise goals, and continue your journey to a healthier lifestyle. At HealthSmart we strongly believe in setting realistic, timely goals which you can sustain and maintain on your journey to a healthier you.  Whether you like to train in the gym or would prefer a programme in your own home, we will tailor your plan accordingly

As part of our PT session you will also be given access to our state of the art online food & exercise diary system for 1 month. Self-monitoring is a proven way to lose weight and with our smart phones and online system, you will get that extra nudge of motivation each day.  Many doctors and dieticians ask patients to keep a food diary as the simple act of monitoring what you eat has been proven to change behaviour

The system includes an in depth food diary with a database of 40,000 food types/images to choose from along with a home recipe calculator, barcode scanner to help you make healthier choices when shopping, food swap tips etc.  The system will also assist you with exercise tracking and advice, and a forum to chat with other like-minded members, to help you make healthier choices and to keep you on trackHealthsmart Personal Training

HealthSmart is not about fad diets or starvation methods which result in unhealthy rapid weight loss, it is about making the necessary changes to your diet, exercise and overall attitude & mindset, which will result in a whole new you and a healthier lifestyle which you can sustain.


1 on 1 Personal Training Rate is €75 per session

2 on 1 Personal Training Rate is €55 per person per session(perfect for those who prefer working out with someone else or we can pair you up where possible)

1 on 1 Personal training session x 4 = €260 (€65 per session)

2 on 1 Personal training session x 4 = €200 (€50 per session)

Discount rates will apply of larger group bookings.

What’s included in HealthSmart Personal sessions:

  • Food Diary Review
  • Access to your personal online food & exercise HealthSmart system for 1 month
  • Measurements recorded – Weight, BMI, Body Fat & Visceral Fat & circumference measurements
  • Movement assessment – highlighting you strengths and weakesses, and selecting the movements that will give you maximum benefit.
  • Exercise Programme

long term support


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