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Weight loss and fitness camps for sustainable change

High BMI Camp

Do you have a BMI of over 35 and find it hard to lose weight?

Then you have come to the right place! HealthSmart offer week long camps which High BMI Campwill provide you with comprehensive advice and support to help you achieve effective and sustainable weight loss. The main focus of the camp will be on nutrition, exercise and cognitive behaviour & mindset, educating you on all these elements which will help you achieve a long term sustainable approach to your well-being.

You will be given expert guidance & practical steps towards healthy eating, portion control, meal planning and recipes which incorporate into your daily life once you leave camp. Our cognitive therapist will help you change your thoughts & mindset which affects your relationship with food. The reasons WHY you may be overeating will be addressed, otherwise the yo-yo syndrome of dieting/losing weight/re-gaining weight, will commence all over again.

You will learn how to eliminate cravings, deal with emotional eating, end over-eating and take back control of food, instead of food controlling you.

One week at the Healthsmart High BMI camp followed up by our online after care support, will change the way you think about exercise and nutrition.

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