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Women Only camps

We run a Women only camp option to offer the best support network for women who want to shed post baby weight, tone up for a beach holiday, get into shape for an upcoming wedding or for those who just need to reboot their fitness & nutrition journey, with a group of like minded people. This option might just be the perfect healthy hens weekend also.Women Only camps at HealthSmart

The exercise programme has been designed specifically for the female physique and the key focus will be to build core strength which will burn fat, losing inches whilst creating lean muscle.

We will introduce participants to a healthy and nutritious menu, showing you how to cook with practical classes, teach you how to shop for similar healthy options and educate you on healthy portion sizes and getting the right balance of key food groups with every meal.

The combination of exercise, nutrition and mind set will give you better body confidence, self-esteem and improve your all round well-being which will improve your general health.

We are also currently designing a Men only camp, so if you would like more detail, please contact us.

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