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Why Healthsmart


Thanks to a wonderful team whom I learned so much from the last few days. I promise to do my best to use the tools you have given me. Linda 53

Thank you so much for a fantastic health orientated weekend. To be honest, I was terrified even signing up, knowing i was not going to be able to do half the  stuff-how wrong was I!! All of ye have made me realise how much more I can push myself and changed/improved my outlook towards fitness & healthy eating completely. I am no longer afraid of eating all foods. I will definitely be recommending ye to friends & will help to return again myself & up my game! Thank you again for being so good to me. Shaleena 30

Thank you Aidan, Fiona, Brian and Edd, for sic a great exp. It has bee a wake up call to how much I can push myself in regard to exercise. I feel I am more mindful of food and how much my mind plays effect into my health. Thank you. Eibhlin 24

Thank you so much for a great weekend-life changing. I really feel like I’m back on track with great tools behind me now.Hope you get busier & busier, its such a fab service for people, it really means help is out there. Thanks for the passion. Ciara 36

Thank you all for an amazing & hard & worthwhile weekend. At near 20 stone I felt my needs were met, staff were knowledgeable, understanding & well suited to the task. The CBT & Dietician sessions were excellent & coming from a ‘weight’ place themselves. Overall excellent highly motivating weekend. Pauline 57

Thank you so for much an amazing 3 days. I am leaving so enriched. i have all the tools of support with the exercise plan, weekly blog, on-line daily menu options & content value. I now have goals to work towards & keep me focused. Brian our coach is amazing & we had great variety in the programme, while Edd fed us with amazing healthy food, with such colourful presentations. Orla-Dietician & Anne Marie-CBT both gave great practical presentations. Thanks again, I hope to be back to Healthsmart soon to monitor my progress. Angela 46

Thanks for a great, positive experience. This has been a great way to kickstart to a healthier lifestyle. Your motivation & attitude has been inspirational as has your kind, caring and supportive attitude. You have given me attainable targets and a great plan to move forward. Thank you again for all your help and support. Wishing you lots of luck in the future. Ciara O’N 32

Thanks a million for a fantastic 3 days. I came to the camp to help my fitness, knowledge of nutrition and i have achieved all of that. I felt pushed and always given the opportunity to push hard if i want..thanks Brian :) I also feel that Healthsmart provide a realistic approach to a healthy lifestyle and also ensures the necessary support, tools are there after we leave to ensure we achieve our long term healthy lifestyle goal. Thanks so much. I will be back in July for ‘Peak Fit’. Pauline 34

Excellent accommodation unlike any bootcamp I’ve been to. Very personal one to one. Healthsmart is more’ in the real world’. Im looking forward to the 1 month meetup. So lucky to have the facility close to home. Will definitely be back for more during the summer. Teresa 33IMG_0905

Absolutely amazing kickstart to my new healthy lifestyle. The coaches were always supportive & approachable. I thought I was educated in health, food & fitness but i learned so much more than i thought possible. A perfect balance of exercise, nutritional advice & even cooking demonstrations & lessons. I was very happy with my weight loss and measurements upon completion & left motivated  & confident to continue my lifestyle change independently. It was a very challenging week but I would recommend it to anyone who feels stuck in a rut, wants to take their fitness to a higher level, or to learn more about nutrition. Thank you so much to Fiona, Aidan., Brian & Ed. Ciara O’L 24

A great concept with kind, caring and knowledgeable team. Just the kickstart I needed and some new friends made. Michael 49

A great experience. Plenty of knowledge gained both in how to exercise and what to eat. The hands on support of the leaders was great. Now the real work begins to a new lifestyle, Thanks! Angela D 64

A great investment in your health everyone would benefit it from it. Maria 61

Well planned & excellent information and education about nutrition, health, fitness and behaviour. Definitely worth it if you want to say goodbye to the fad diet and hello to a long term sustainable plan. Julia 43 & Brenda 34 (Sisters)

A very interesting time. Hope I can take away some of the great tips. My hopes are good. Picked up some great ideas for going forward. Breeda 55

Thanks so much Aidan, Fiona & Cian for an amazing weekend. I will be recommending HealthSmart to all my friends. You were all so supportive and encouraging. I cant thank you enough. See you again soon. Nicola 27

I had a great time here with you and the crowd. Aidan & Fiona you still have all the enthusiasm & care of somebody starting a new and exciting enterprise. Congratulations & hope you be very successful, your deserve it. Angela 62

Really enjoyed it and learned a lot, eating  habits will now change. Two things i came for, my diet and tone up & now I know what to do. Thanks to all the team. Ann  64

Thanks for a very worthwhile few days. I came looking for a steer on what I should be eating, the best exercises to do, how to improve fitness & overall body shape and I got all of that and more plus I really enjoyed it! You have both chosen to surround yourself with great people from your trainer Cian to the two great speakers-which made all the difference for me. Fair play for starting a new concept and i really look forward to hearing what happens next. Best of luck for the year ahead. Fiona 34

Everything was 100%. Had a lovely weekend and have learned I need to change my eating habits. Thanks for all. Mary 40

Great weekend. Found it tough to begin with, if I had known beforehand i would have thought i wouldnt be able for it! But i WAS  able!! Great motivation, great tips on diet & healthy living. Exercise training was brilliant. Everyone was so friendly & encouraging. Thanks a million. Joan H 59

Absolutely brilliant weekend & gives you all the tools you need for success after you leave.  Thought i knew a certain amount but really learnt some new things or corrected misconceptions. Brilliant team- really encouraging & want you to succeed long term. Interaction with campers was great. Michelle 36

A Life changing week, learnt so much about exercise & nutrition and also learned that i can do much more than i thought…i.e lift weights! The team Fiona, Cian & Aidan could not have been more supportive & knowledgeable & fun!  Ann 48

Loved it! It was tough, intense, fast and constant but i wouldn’t have changed a minute of it. I especially loved the CBT session as it is all common sense but I never acknowledged it for me personally. The dietician session also was excellent, i really gained a lot of insights into my diet which i believe could be implemented quiet easily. The exercise element too was very beneficial, i had been working out but wasn’t focusing on the correct positions which has been rectified now. I would recommend this to family and friends. Overall I had a great weekend, Healthsmart staff are lovely, informative and patient. I honestly couldn’t fault anything. Lisa  35

Really enjoyed the weekend, the fun, social aspect and all the hints and hope to practise all, super all round. Eileen 45

Thank you for such a great all round course. It gave so much more than i expected, dealing with nutrition, fitness & mind. All the staff were really professional & still lots of fun. Would recommend it to everyone! Lynn 27

Great weekend -learnt so much about diet and exercise that’s genuinely useful and practical, Instructors were lovely and approachable & educated me on what i was doing wrong. Also lots of fun! Thanks for all! Ciara 34

5 star course. Will always remember the leaders, so helpful & understanding and the best fun. Thank You. Ava 41

Had a great week, learned loads. Enjoyed getting fit and eating well. Enjoyed meeting new people. Big thanks to the team. Sheila 46

A really good weekend. Great fun while getting fit & healthy. I enjoyed  every aspect, the training, the nutrition session and most of all the CBT. I learnt so much, that ill definitely try to apply to everyday life. Thanks to all. Lynda 32

Thank you so much for all you help, i have learned so much and am really motivated to do this. Orlaith 19

A very well organised schedule detail and explanations very practical. Very motivating and realistic goal setting. Diet and nutrition talk was very interesting. Thank you for everything. Cian was brilliant. Ann 49

Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. I learnt so about myself and my relationship with diet and exercise. Whilst there were many times i felt like giving up the trainers and the group kept me at it and showed me I could do more then i thought i could. I look forward to putting all my learnings into a practice and would recommend Healthsmart to everyone. Janet 43

Thanks so much Fiona for a great weekend, i learnt loads about diet & fitness abad have left with a detailed personal fitness plan. Its great. I also had a really enjoyable time & loved every minute of a great weekend away. Definitely will recommend you to all. Rose 51

Better than i thought it was going to be! Even though i thought about getting into my car and driving home several times!!!! Really impressed with results over only a 3 day period. Will be back :) Susan 40

Thank you so much for having me, I had a great weekend (despite the pain!!). I’ve learnt so much and have a lot of laughs along the way. Good luck with the future Fiona, Cian & Aidan. Thanks again. Kate 24

This was a really great weekend. The sessions were very well organised, exercises were explained and demonstrated very well. I learnt a lot about general health, fitness. Apart from that there was a lovely atmosphere and instructors were really helpful. Well done to all-keep up the good work. Regina 50