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July Health Camp Success – average 4lbs weight loss over 3 days

One of the most determined groups of campers we’ve ever had, (we call them the ‘Determined Dozen’!!) with an incredible average weight loss of 4lbs per person over just three days of camp. Our July camp has just completed and once again the HealthSmart team are buzzing, having met an incredible bunch of men and […]

Research into Weight Loss Camp benefits

Many studies have shown that Weight loss camps are beneficial for participants.  We’ve had a number of youths attend with a parent and it is highly useful as parent and youth work as a team when they get home.  You can read about some research here – Pediatrics. 2010 Apr;125(4):e884-90. doi: 10.1542/peds.2009-1007. Epub 2010 Mar 1. […]

April 2016 Fitness Camp

And so the first HealthSmart camp of 2016 wrapped up, and 13 successful campers left the Boyne Valley with a smile on their faces and their clothes feeling that little bit looser.  While extreme weight loss is not something we promote, and miracles are note expected over just 3 days, there was a real sense […]

Break the habits on camp

A healthy fitness and weight loss weekend can see  a huge change in your lifestyle and is a great way to break the habits nd leave your bad behaviours behind!! It can be difficult to break or change your current cycle when trying to manage your day to day normal life, from getting to and from […]

HealthSmart partner with Diabetes Ireland

In today’s health environment, people with Type 2 diabetes must be single-minded and proactive in managing their condition effectively. However, many people with Type 2 diabetes at diagnosis are not properly informed on the need and importance of moving to a healthy lifestyle which includes good diet and regular exercise that is required to manage […]

September Weight Loss Camp Report

VENUE – Newgrange, Co Meath DATE – Friday September 5th – Thursday September 11th Firstly we must congratulate every camper that attended our September weight loss and fitness camp. What amazing achievements by every single one of you. On Friday September 5th, 17 ladies joined us for a 3 day or 7 day camp, each […]

Residential Weight Loss Boot Camp Blog

Venue – Newgrange, Co Meath Dates – 27th June – July 3rd The team at HealthSmart Camps feel really lucky and privileged.  Why?  Well firstly, its great craic working on a Residential Weight Loss camp and we meet wonderful people.  Secondly, it’s incredibly rewarding to see the all the results of the campers hard work and […]

HIIT of the Week- 14th April Why we love HIIT on camp

If you have not noticed yet, the HealthSmart team love HIIT High-intensity interval training! But why? Here are just a few reasons why we love this form of training and why we incorporate into the sessions on camp: More Efficient. Burns more fat and increases your cardiovascular fitness more than long duration cardio does More Fun, Less […]

HIIT of the Week- 17th Feb Lower Body Blast

If you want to take your fitness and fat loss to the next level, without spending hours in the gym, then HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training, is where it is at. At HealthSmart we understand people are busy and often short on time, so we like to work with our clients to achieve their desired […]

Diary of the January Camp

January is the biggest month of crazy fad diets, calorie restricting and hours of exercising which is not sustainable and goes by the wayside when people cannot keep it up with their normal daily lives. We were delighted that 18 campers decided to take a holistic approach, by signing up to kickstart their healthy 2014 […]