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HIIT of the Week- 18min all over body

Each circuit contains 3 exercise intervals. Complete each exercise interval for 30 seconds 3 times before moving on to the next circuit. Totalling an 18-minute all over body blast.   Circuit 1 30 sec alternating lunges 30 sec plank tucks 30 sec rest Complete 3 times then move to Circuit 2 30 sec push ups […]

HIIT of the Week- Strength & Stamina HIIT

This week our HIIT focuses on strength and stamina. You will need a dumbell, kettlebell or improvise with something that adds weight and resistance to each movement. 45 seconds on with 15 seconds rest on each exercise  Alternating side lunges Squat with overhead press (with Dumbell or Kettlebell) Renegade row Alternating front lunge with a bicep curl Russian […]

HIIT of the Week -Tabata Superset

This week’s workout is the Tabata Superset. How it works: Do each Tabata exercise for 20 Seconds/rest for 10 seconds and repeat  for 4 minutes. For the strength part of the superset  do each strength movement for 30 seconds and repeat 3-4 times Rest 1- 2 minutes between each superset Superset 1 TABATA: Burpess High Knees […]

HIIT of the week – Lean Legs Pyramid Workout

This week our HIIT is a pyramid workout, focusing on your legs, to give them a good blowout. Do each exercise from the top down and then work backwards through the list going from Jumping jacks through to Squats. Remember to focus on technique and go at a good pace that keeps your form in check. […]

Break the habits on camp

A healthy fitness and weight loss weekend can see  a huge change in your lifestyle and is a great way to break the habits nd leave your bad behaviours behind!! It can be difficult to break or change your current cycle when trying to manage your day to day normal life, from getting to and from […]

Learn to love your Body

In todays world of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest we are so pre-occupied with living up to the media-portrayed body images which have become out of control that have forgotten how to love our own bodies.   Most of us go to great lengths to nurture the love we have for others, our kids, partners, parents […]

Tips on Mindful Eating

One important component on our Healthsmart camps is to help campers transform their relationship with food and to spend time working on mindful eating.  We would like to give you a little help to change yours too with some tips on mindful eating What is mindful eating? Mindful eating uses the ancient art of mindfulness, […]

15 reasons you struggle to lose those last few pounds

Are you scratching your head while trying to lose those last few stubborn pounds?  Are you eating well, exercising regularly, but the scales have stalled.  Check out these 15 reasons why you’re not reaching your weight loss goals.  To kick start the process and get to finally reach your target weight, why not register for […]

How to cut back your food cravings and lose weight

Food cravings – they hit everyone from time to time so you need a strategy to avoid giving into the wrong kind of foods. What can we do about it? Well, first minimizing the extreme challenges in your environment can help. The most common sense solution of all is don’t have the bad options in your cupboard! […]

Eat, Drink and Be healthy for Christmas!

At Christmas we’re always surrounded by lots of lovely food and drink. Whilst there is no reason to feel guilty about enjoying yourself, it’s worth remembering that, on average, people gain from one-five lbs (2kg) over Christmas. But don’t worry… Christmas doesn’t have to be about overindulgence and ‘unhealthy’ food. Christmas Day Did you know […]