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April 2016 Fitness Camp

And so the first HealthSmart camp of 2016 wrapped up, and 13 successful campers left the Boyne Valley with a smile on their faces and their clothes feeling that little bit looser.  While extreme weight loss is not something we promote, and miracles are note expected over just 3 days, there was a real sense […]

HIIT of the Week- Weightless Arm Workout

When it comes to working out, we are big advocates of using your own bodyweight to tone up. We are also big fans of short to the point workouts, so here you go…. 3 rounds: 10 Pushups 20 Chair dips 30 Second side plank 20 Burpees 10  pushups 3O Second Side plank      

HIIT of the Week- All over body

This is an all over body HIIT working the upper body, lower body, core and cardio elements to get you feeling toned and lean for the warmer months ahead (hopefully!!) You are going to work through the below list of movements for 60 seconds at each station and then repeat the whole circuit 3 times: […]

Strategies to help families reduce childhood obesity

Interesting programme has been developed in Denmark to tackle childhood obesity….here’s some simple strategies to help families tackle the problem in incremental steps…. 1 – No crunchy muesli or cereals for breakfast – choosing oatmeal, whole grain brown bread, eggs instead 2 – No fast food or white bread for lunch; choose brown bread, meat, […]