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Peak Fitness Camp

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Peak Fitness Camp

Would you like to find your peak fitness?  Fancy a 2 day overnight fitness & outdoor activity weekend? 

The Peak Fitness Camp will challenge you, educate you and push you beyond your normal exercise levels.  Whether your fitness level is high, medium or low, our team will scale the challenge to make sure you have taken the next step in understanding what your body, mind and  will power is truly capable of.  On top of all this, you will have a tonne of fun!

So, if you’d like to escape for a weekend away (Saturday/Sunday),  located  in Co Wicklow with some of the most breath-taking and remote scenery in the tallest mountain peaks,  combining clean  living, nutritious healthy food, outdoor adventure, team work, fun, camaraderie and some serious training, then book your space today!

The camp will be lead by our team of experts in exercise and personal training, mountain survival and military training.  Our head trainer is the current national record holder for the most amount of marathons in one year.

The package includes overnight accommodation, all of your healthy nutritious and balanced food and drink (including a Caveman BBQ on the Saturday evening) along with a  packed supervised programme of activities.  Not only do will the weekend focus on how to improve your overall functional fitness & strength, but while you take a deserved break, our dietician will educate you on how to fuel your body for your chosen sport or simply for improved healthy living.

Why choose a HealthSmart Peak Fitness Weekend?IMG_0381

1. Treat yourself to a healthy fitness focused weekend
2. Retreat to a stunning location of the Wicklow Mountains
3. Enjoy specially designed nutritious meals and snacks,
4. Challenge yourself with fitness & activity sessions designed by  Defense Forces & Mountaineers
5. Educate yourself with a practical sports nutrition workshop on performance driven clean eating
6. Meet new like minded people
7. Fun and rewarding environment
8. Take a big step towards achieving your fitness goals
9. Tune out in a tech-free zone
10. If you train, you’ll know that pushing yourself further and continuous progression is the key to  your success….the HealthSmart Peak Fitness weekend will show you how to reach your peak!