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Peak Team

Head Trainer: Brian Ankers

Brian Ankers

Brian’s area of expertise is conducting and personally undertaking challenges of extreme physical endurance. The 34 year old originally from Dublin has 14 years military service including 8 years Physical Training Instructor (PTI) experience and a  Health & Fitness qualification from the University of Limerick.

Brian aka ‘Forrest’ is the current national record holder for the most amount of marathons in one year. In 2013 Brian raced 84 official marathons averaging 1 every 4 days. Events in cluded the Connemara Ultra marathon and the 6MB 10in10 which consisted of running 10 marathons in 10 days in sixmilebrigde co clare in July 2013. In 2010 Brian also completed the Mizen Head to Malin Head endurance cycle covering over 760km.

‘Brian has the motivational capabilities to have his troops run through walls while maintaining a smile on their faces’

Assistant Trainer: Alan Lawlor

Alan Lawlor

Alan is a seasoned Physical Training Instructor (PTI) in the military with over 10years experience training soldiers from recruit upwards.

Alan aka ‘Luscious’  specialises in combining mental and and physical endurance challenges and has a great ability to get the best from his troops “ the mind will always quit before the body, so crack on”

Alan has an experienced backround in Mixed Martial Arts,resistance training and had a successful career in competitive boxing.

Alans biggest achievement to date is his looks :)