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Weight loss and fitness camps for sustainable change

Diet & Nutrition


While on Camp:

All week, participants will receive delicious and nutritious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  There will also be healthy snack breaks provided between activities.  Of course all meals will contain the right balance of key nutrients, with portions measured and counted in proportion to your size, but you will be delighted with the array of tasty, varied and filling food.

HealthSmart teaching:

Throughout the week there will be nutrition classes, culinary training workshops and dietary diary development.  The nutritional aspect of this course will be hosted by one of Ireland’s leading consultant dieticians Dara Morgan.  Our nutrition programme will be the root of the new you… gone will be the days of yo yo dieting, as these tutorials will provide realistic, safe, practical, effective and more sustainable nutritional information that is tailored for  you.  Nutrition Classes will give participants a full understanding of food, from a realistic and balanced point of view, which can be easily applied when you return home.   For example: How do I manage daily portions?

Diet & Nutrition

What high-fat content foods should I avoid?  What simple changes can I makes in my weekly shop that will make a huge difference?  How do I balance my busy lifestyle with fresh food cooking? How do I read food labels?  What simple swaps will help me lose weight? We will  provide participants  with practical advice for home cooking.  Our expert dietician will take groups through the healthiest ways of preparing and cooking fresh food.  Campers will experience just how quick a freshly made, tasty meal can be made, and simple kitchen tips for a healthier lifestyle. Every participant will be encouraged to keep a dietary diary throughout their stay and when they return home.  After attending HealthSmart, campers will be in the habit of noting what they eat, and understanding what it means to eat a balanced & nutritious diet, with the help of our online nutrition and exercise diary. Furthermore, our online support and e-newsletters consisting of meal suggestions, motivational tips etc. will have constant reminders and new ideas.  The HealthSmart online personalised diary will also help track activity, weight measurements and personal developments.

So, what can you expect to get out of the HealthSmart Nutritional course?

  • A greater understanding of optimal nutrition for weight loss as well as weight maintenance.
  • In-depth knowledge about food, nutrition and healthy eating.
  • Body composition results: Weigh-ins will be discreet and a print out of your individual weight and body fat measurements will be provided.  You will be offered a weigh-in at the beginning and at the end of the course (just one weigh in at weekends).  We use the most accurate measurement tool with the Body Adiposity Index.
  • Declaring and sharing information with the other people attending the course is entirely at your own discretion, yet we find that like-minded people sharing a similar goal can really enhance the value of the course.
  • Ideal opportunity to ask experienced professionals questions about your own diet, habits and potential food related myths.