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Weight loss and fitness camps for sustainable change

Long Term Support

To ensure you don’t slip back to old habits, we offer long term support and advice to help you sustain and maintain your lifelong journey to a healthier you. After your stay, there will be a HealthSmart support system to ensure that you achieve your goals.

When you leave camp, you receive a fitness programme to guide you through the key weeks post camp, which is also tailored to help you progress as time goes by.
Long Term Support with HealthSmart

We are available on the phone and email after your stay to update your training programme and to offer advice when you face challenges.

We advise about an online food and exercise app will also assist you with exercise tracking and advice, food swap tips, to help you make healthier choices and to keep you on track.

Our facebook page and camper groups are also full of tips, chats, advice and encouragement.